Tea Jungle Music


Sainkho Namtchylak

Actually I don't know much about her. (Find out more here...) We met three times, first time in 1994 I guess. I came across a rather weird record of her called "Lost Rivers", a solo album with quite an experimental approach (to western ears at least). But somehow it was thrilling. I took it and put some sort of music "under" it. By chance she was giving a concert in a nearby place, so I went there and gave her my cassette (no CDs at that time).
I was really happy when I got her call just a couple of days later. She said she liked it. She recorded some solo voice and sent it to me. So I went on doing....

What you see/hear is the result of some years of occasional work. Maybe you belong to the sort of people who don't mind serious amateur avantgarde? Then go straight to the T.Music page and listen to tuvan jungle sounds.